Pulling specific files from a commit using Git

I ran into a situation today where I needed to grab a specific version of two files from one branch in our repository and merge it into another branch. Normally I would use cherry-pick for this sort of thing but when you are working with developers who arent used to the way of Git, that can be hard. Especially in our situation where most of them are used to Subversion so they make changes to many different files over the period of hours or worse yet, days before they commit their changes.

Creative Suite Giveaway

Well, the time has come again! Time for my wife and I to start training for the MS150 charity ride here in NE Florida. If you’re not familiar with the event, you can get more details here. Its basically a charity fundraiser bike ride from St. Augustine, FL to Daytona Beach, FL covering 150 miles in 2 days.

Deploying ColdFusion Apps With Capistrano Part 1

I love developing in ColdFusion, but one of the reasons I spend time learning other languages/frameworks is so I can get a feel for what things others are doing that could help make our jobs a little easier. Lets face it, the ColdFusion community is a little slow to progress sometimes and there is alot of innovation happening in other communities.

Textmate Bundle For CFWheels Updated

I finally got around to updating the CFWheels Textmate bundle to version 1.02 last night. Its mostly a few fixes related to snippets but the primary reason for updating it was to add full support for the DBMigrate plugin. Now you can generate migration files and use shortcuts for all of the migration methods in the plugin. Speeding up development just a little bit more.

CFWheels – Move Finders Into Your Model

One of the principles of CFWheels is not duplicating code. This can be achieved a number of ways, but one in particular can also save you some time. Typically our find() methods used to retrieve data have lots of conditions on them, setting the where clause or the order of the returned results, etc. One way to help clean up your controllers and speed up development is by moving those finders into your model to prevent duplication.

CFWheels – Find Through Association

When I first started learning CFWheels, I was so enamored with how simple it was to retrieve data from the database using the built-in ORM that I would code for days without taking full advantage of how much cleaner and simpler my code really could be. The more I worked with the ORM in Wheels, I learned more and more little tricks to help make my code much simpler. One of those tricks is to stop manually passing foreign keys into my find conditions and make the call through an association. Lets look at an example of how much more readable we can make our finder calls by taking advantage of relationships in CFWheels.

Dynamic Finders in CFWheels

One of the unexpected treats to using CFWheels is how much more readable it can make your code. Im not a big fan of inline comments because I believe in self-documenting code. One of the features of CFWheels that helps to achieve this is “Dynamic Finders”. Lets take a look at how much more readable this often over-looked feature can make our finder calls.

ColdFusion on Wheels Version 1.1.2 Released

ColdFusion on Wheels has released version 1.1.3 today. This is mostly a bug fix release, but addresses a couple issues I had in 1.1.1 particularly. The upgrade is simple, just replace your current wheels folder with the new one from the zip file, reload your application and off you go. A list of all the … Continue reading ColdFusion on Wheels Version 1.1.2 Released